New sanctuary for coming back memories.
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Google driver:…/1Nz_wABvoBSfj7RgOr9yfcV14Ki-8IOif

===Official open time===
⏰ 6:00 a.m September, 15th 2019 (US – California Time zone)
=== What’s new in this Remake version? ===
�� Very big community
�� Only one server, will be developed continuously!
�� Moderators in game, can help player everytime and everywhere
�� Soul system is remade (New properties includes Neglect Res to minus)
�� Dragon Tatto system is remade
�� Sculpture system is remade , all equips except Dart can be striked Sculpture. Double Sculptures in same equip feature will be added on in the future
�� New classes (Magician, Tang Men), Shao Lin reborn.
�� New mounts, fashions, pet, ... New Pet Hill Map includes many new pets
�� New Gem fashions, can have 3 Gems enchased into a dress with 3 different kind of effects
�� Boss system with tons of Bosses, within valuable drops.
�� Less mini-event (Q123, …).
�� New Maps (Bone Lane, Thunder Sea, Moon Lake, Phoenix Town, Mt. Kunlun, Kunlun Lane).
�� Skill 86 inherits from previous server, pneuma, and other features same as previous server and new will be updated continuously ...
=== Play new Server, you can join in following events ===
�� Like and Share Event
�� Training Level Event (starts right after server open)
#Top 1: 2 vip crafting equips 9 stars (chosen), 1 boss pet, 1 mount (30 days) 500k Gift Tokens.
#Top 2: 1 vip crafting equips 9 star (chosen), 1 boss pet, 1 mount (30 days), 300k Gift Tokens.
# Top 3: 1 boss pet, 1 mount (30 days), 200k Gift Tokens.
#Top 4 + Top 5: 100k Gift Tokens.
�� With many other features are waiting for you!
~ ~