Guide to Fix Connection Problem from Antivirus Softwares

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When you start the game and you got connection error or some error that make your game can not start, it may be the anti virus software from your computer is causing the problem. For some reason, it misunderstood our game is virus, we guarantee that our game is not virus. Down here is some popular anti virus software that may in your computer and the solution to play the game with it.

AVG antivirus:

Solution: Remove AVG antivirus

First download Your Uninstaller from here:

Open Your Uninstaller software

Search for AVG antivirus and start to uninstall.

Click uninstall

Click Next

Restart your computer to finish


Avira antivirus:

Avira can cause this 2 error below:

Righ click Avira icon at taskbar

Uncheck Enable Real-time protection to turn off scan

Then click Manage Antivirus to open Avira control panel

Here it is

Choose Quarantine

Righ click the MisaHelp.dll and choose Restore object to return the file to game folder

At finish, you will se Avira icon like this

Note: Avira will auto scan whenever your PC start, so you need to do all step above again to start the game.



Kaspersky Antivirus can cause this problem

First, open Kaspersky

Choose Show Additional Tools

Choose Quarantine:

Choose MisaHelp.dll and press Restore to bring back the file to game folder.

Click Restore

Right click at Kaspersky icon in taskbar menu and choose exit


Norton Antivirus:

Norton Antivirus can cause this problem

Right click Norton icon at taskbar menu and choose View Recent History

Choose Resolved Sercurity Risks

Click MisaHelp.dll and click restore

Click Yes to finish

Hope you enjoy your time when playing Dragon Oath

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