Most of new gamers don’t know how to buy tokens. Now Dragon Oath 69 will guide you to get tokens by recharging via Paymentwall.

First of all you have to create an account of Paymentwall. To create account Paymentwall, please click here and follow these step:

Step 1: click Menu


Step 2: Click Sign up for free to create account


Step 3: Enter your information in form. Click Next


Now, you have had an account of Paymentwall


Step 4: Choose Settings 


Step 5: Complete all your information to begin payment. Then click Save changes


Step 6: Login to the account management page. Select function Recharge then choose Paymentwall 

The Recharge Rate: 1$ = 230 tokens. 

Step 7: Select payment method, select package that you want to buy then click Buy Tokens

Ex: USA New York City

Step 8: The system will give you the form, you have to compose messages according to the syntax and send to your country PBX. Please read the instructions on the available network.


Now, you had tokens in your account.

After recharge successful, you should login game, teleport to LuoYang (302, 315) meet NPC Sixth Jin and transfer token to gift token for playing game more easilly.

Hope you have good times when playing Dragon Oath 69!

69 Dragon Team, 


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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