Ferry players, 

This guide will introduce you guys how to register new account for Dali Server.

Step 1: Log in this site: 

This is the display of the accounts management . Click Register to create new account.

Step 2: Firstly, fill out all required information in these textboxes. 



- Username, Password, only contain a-z, A-Z, digits (0-9) and “_” .

- The length of Username & Password must be 6-18 characters

- Password 1 and password 2 must be different. 

- Pay attention to some special characters are used. (to avoid you do not remember them - exactly then can not log in game).

Check all information carefully again and choose Register to complete. You should use Google Aunthenticator to update email in your account for more secure. 

It’s done. Your account is created successfully. Now, you can use this account to log in game. 

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