[Guild Event] GUILD LEVEL RACE New Server Dali

Guilds are necessary for you guys to explore the martial art world. The stronger your guild is, the stronger you are. There is no one but loves his guild; thus, let’s make it more powerful.

Guild Level Race Event will be the motivation for you to grow your guild to get rewards from 69Dragon Oath. The first 3 guilds reaching level 3 and sending proving photos to us will be the winners. 

Event period: from August 13 until the first 3 guilds reach level 3 and before 1:00pm UTC +0, August 28th, 2021

Event Rules:

- When your guild reaches level 3, please come to the Government and capture the  level and send us photos via Fanpage. The result will be recorded by the time you send photos. The sooner you send, the higher top you get. Information includes:

+ Photos proving your guild’s level.

+ Name of your guild

+ ID of the guild

+ Name and ID of the guild leader 

- The guild leader takes full responsibility to do that mission. Rewards will be sent to you as well. We don’t get the blame for mistakes from other sides.

🏆 Rewards 🏆

🥇 The 1st guild will get:

- 1,500,000 Gift Tokens

- Mount: Legendary Beast 30 days x50

🥈 The 2nd guild will get:

- 1,000,000 Gift Tokens

- Mount: Legendary Beast 30 days x30

🥉 The 3rd guild will get:

- 500,000 Gift Tokens

- Mount: Legendary Beast 30 days x15

Break a leg!

69 Dragon Team, 


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