[MINI EVENT] Treasure Chest Event 

Dear DALIers, 

After 3 days of officially opening Dali server, Dragon Oath 69 is very happy that the DALI server has attracted a lot of love and enthusiastic participation from many top players from different countries around the world.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that the Treasure Chest event will be held as follows:

🔰Time of event: 2h30 - 3h00 PM, August 3, 2021 UTC+0

🔰Server: DALI

🔰Level: Level 40 and over 


Every 5 minutes, all the Lucky - Treasure Chests will be randomly appeared in Twin Island map.

Twin Island Map

Participate in opening the Treasure Chest each time, you will randomly receive the following valuable rewards (Gold List & Diamond List).


Every Treasure Chest could be opened at least 1 item/time, maximum 2 items/time.

Hope you have good times when playing Dragon Oath 69!

69 Dragon Team, 


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