[Guide] How to increase Guild Funds -  "Merchant" activity

Guild Level Race are going ebulliently at the new server Dali now. You guys need some ways to make your guild become the winner. Therefore, we Dragon Oath 69 will give you some directions so that you can contribute to your guild. Merchant Activity is an example.

👉 Step 1: Come to see NPC Officer Chien (148,56) at your guild area (Finance) to "Pick Up Banknotes"


NPC Officer Chien (148,56)

👉 Step 2: After having the Banknotes in your bag, click on the Merchant Shop there and buy products at the Merchant Shop. The prices are up to you, however they should be equal to money in the banknotes.

NPC Officer Chien (148,56)

👉 Step 3: After buying the products, Run! Yeah, you have to RUN ON FOOT

Running to the City Gate then running on the path  your guild wants to do "Merchant" activity (our citadil - map1 - map2 - map3... - Merchant citadil of another guild). 

**Please notice: No mount is allowed. You can go with another one who use a mount but have no banknote/product from banknotes (not in the merchant activity)

City Gate

👉 Step 4: At the Merchant Citadil, open the Merchant Shop of NPC Officer Chien there, then wait until the prices of the product reach the prices you bought at your guild before, then sell them all. After that, buy Products from NPC Officer Chien there (using all money in the banknotes is preferred)

👉 Step 5: Run back on foot to your guild on the same path you've already run.

👉 Step 6: At your guild, please wait until the prices increase by the prices you bought, then sell the products.

👉 Step 7: After selling all products, click on Turn in Banknotes to finish the task and get benefits then contribute to your guild.

Give it a big shot!

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