[Notice] Telegram Channel of Dragon Oath 69

Dear our players,

Join Telegram Channel, get BIG GIFTCODE

We Dragon Oath 69 publish a New Channel via Telegram to bring information about: events, updates, promotions, gifts... to you guys widely and quickly.

To join the channel, please click here: t.me/dragonoath69

👉👉 Click on: Join (if you use mobile phone)

Interface on the phone

If you use Telegram on your PC, click here: t.me/dragonoath69, you will see the interface below, please click on VIEW IN TELEGRAM.


Interface on the PC

Time to get BIG GIFTCODE

GIFTCODE will be sent via Telegram when you join the Channel and leave a comment there. We will send you a giftcode asap (within 24 hours).

🎁 GIFTCODE can be activated now, including:

- Ruby Gem Level 5 x1

- Opal Level 5 x1

- Tigereye Level 5 x1

- Perfect Refresh Soul Stone x5

- Gold Coin x4

- Greater Blue Ball of Brilliance x2

- Lv 2 Synthesis Spell x2

69 Dragon Team, 


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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