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Dali Train is so important in the martial world at Dragon Oath 69. To get more information, please come to see Dustman [240, 30] - Dali.

Dustman [240, 30] - Dali

The Relic Collection is divided into 4 kinds. However the Dustman taught only the first 3 kinds to the later generations: Relic of Properties , Endless's Last Words and Relic of Body.

The Relic Collection helps you increase Strong, Stamina, Intelligent, Physical Attack, Spirit Attack, Dodge… inside your body excluding: enhancements, gems and hidden weapons.

Stamina Dali Train

Each Power Medicine will give you 50 points in Train Power, which will be minus when you do Dali Train, depending on the level of the relic.

Dali Train Relic Collection

To reach the level as the Dustman, you have to learn 3 books of the Relic Collection. However, the world was taught only 3 kinds of Relics. They are: Relic of Properties , Endless's Last Words and Relic of Body

The order to learn should be: Relic of PropertiesEndless's Last Words - Relic of Body

Relic of Properties includes 5 kinds of relices:

🔸 Strength Volume: increase your basic strength

🔸 Intelligence Volume: increase your basic intelligence

🔸 Stamina Volume: increase your basic stamina

🔸 Willpower Volume: increase your basic willpower

🔸 Agility Volume: increase your basic agility 


🔸 You have to learn books on the top first, then the bottom. When the books at the bottom reach the maximum points, you have to upgrade the book on the top and continue to learn books at the bottom.

🔸 You can choose whatever relic you want as long as it is suitable for your character. You don’t need to learn following the order in the relic box

Ranks of Dali Train

Dali Train is divided into 7 ranks:

🔸 When reaching the first rank, you can train 10 levels (maximum)

🔸 Rank 2 to 6: you can train 10 levels

🔸 Rank 7: you can train 15 levels

The higher your rank is, the higher your attribute relic is

You should consider the way you train so that things are going well. Please choose the relics which are suitable for your character.

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