[Guide] Soul Feature at Dragon Oath 69

Martial art is its own Soul which is the quintessence of living beings in the martial art world.

1. How to get Soul?

Please come to see Captain Chien (133, 259) at SuZhou to do missions.

Soul is kept by Wealthy Keh. It is divided into 2 types. They are Soul Of Magic and Soul Of Strength

Soul of Magic


Soul of Strength

2. Level up Soul

Soul isn’t received any experience from the owner. It is from using Soul of Dark Slate which has 3 types: Soul Stone - Black, Soul Stone - Orange, Soul Stone - Yellow. You can find Soul of Dark Slate at Malefic.

3. Learning Skills for Soul

When the Soul reaches level 40, 70 and 90, please come to see Cliff Wu (140,190) - Dali to learn skills for your Soul. Using Memory Stone to reset the skill of Soul.

4. Soul Fusion Level

The higher Soul Fusion is, the stronger the Soul is. Soul Fusion effects on the properties of the Soul. The number of property boxes you can get depends on the level of Fusion Level.

Especially, the beauty of Soul depends on Fusion Level, too. It is so gorgeous if the fusion is level 5 and 10. However, the highest Soul Fusion Level is 8 now. 

To fuse the level of Soul, you need to have another Soul which is the same level with the Soul you need to fuse (regardless of Strength or Magic). Cliff Wu at Dali will help you to fuse. Skills of the Soul are kept.

Notice: When fusing the Soul to level 5, the Soul will have a nature. They can be Wind, Soil, Water and Fire which are against each other. Wind is against Soil, Soil is against Water, Water is against Fire, Fire is against Wind.

5. Learning Property of Soul

It is required that you have Scrolls of Soul and meet Cliff Wu to expand properties of Soul. Scrolls of Soul are divided into 16 scrolls and 4 types:

🔹 Scroll of Soul Resistance
🔹 Scroll of Soul Attack
🔹 Scroll of Soul Resistion Reduction
🔹 Scroll of Soul Resistance Neglect

Scroll of Soul Resistance - ice


Scroll of Soul Attack – ice


Scroll of Soul Resistion Reduction – ice


Scroll of Soul Resistance Neglect – ice

You can expand the property of Soul after learning the Scrolls. You need to have the Elemental Stone dropping at Daily Events like Misty Peaks. There are 4 types:

🔹 Elemental Resistance Stone

🔹 Elemental Attack Stone 

🔹 Elemental Spell Penetration Stone

🔹 Elemental Resistance Reduction Stone 


Elemental Resistance Stone


Elemental Attack Stone

Elemental Spell Penetration Stone 


Elemental Resistance Reduction Stone

You can embed gems on Soul to make it more powerful. The way is as you embed other equipment.

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