Dear our beloved players,

There are no words to show my appreciation for choosing Dali and enjoying the server.

We are a new team who come to Dali server with the purpose of making a happy, fair and long lasting server. However, there is a problem that the old staff from the previous team used GM Tool to interfere into the system to add illegal tokens. That is our mistake when we weren't careful in checking the security.  We don’t want that to occur but it still did.

After so many efforts to revoke and prevent those illegal things, we found that our efforts were useless when the amount of illegal tokens were too big and they did transactions with too many people, characters which couldn't be revoked.

We think that it is unfair for the players because it affects the Level Race Event, Guild Level Race Event and other experiences.

Therefore, we decided to reset all databases & characters  and will open the server at 1pm UTC +0, August 13, 2021.

All security issues are checked and fixed. We hope that you guys are sympathetic towards us and continue by our side.

For our apology, we decided to send back the tokens you guys recharged at ID Page from July 31th to August 12th with a bonus of 25% to your accounts.

🎁 🎁 The presents for you guys are:


🔸 Ruby Essence (Lv 6) x2

🔸 Lv 2 Synthesis Spell x2

🔸 Power Medicine x10

🔸 Dragon Stone_Increase Attribute x30

🔸 Dragon Stone_Reduce Attribute x30

🔸 Dragon Stone_HP x30

🔸 Fashion (30 days): Snow Cloth x1

🔸 Mount (available permanently): Heaven Flying Peacock x1

🔸 Ivory Coin x1000 

🔸 Pet egg: Flower Princess x1

👉 You guys can login and get them at Dali, NPC Xiao Feng when the server opens.

All giftcode sent can be used again when the server opens, so please keep them. 

Once again, we do apologise. There are no words to show my appreciation for being by our side and supporting us.

I am happy to continue to serve you guys.

Best regards,

Dragon Oath 69 Team


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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