[Guide] Soccer Game

Soccer Game is an interesting activity on the 1st and 3rd Sunday every month. That is the big chance for you guys to get a large number of Gold Coins and a great deal of Exp

You can join in the game at 2 NPC. They are: NPC Soccer Tung (301 - 194) at Dali and NPC Cheerleader Yueheh ( 284 - 242 ) - Suzhou

 NPC Soccer Tung  (301 - 194)

NPC Cheerleader Yueheh

1. Time

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month: at 7pm - 11pm server time.

2. Requirements

🔹 Party of 3 characters

🔹 Characters is above level 30 

🔹 Once per a event

3. Rewards

🔹 A great deal of Exp

🔹 A large number of Gold Coins

4. How to play

👉 Click on NPC Soccer Tung (301 - 194) at Dali or NPC Cheerleader Yueheh (284 - 242) - Suzhou to come to the Stadium.

👉 You have to kill 149 Soccer monsters there. After killing Soccer monsters you will get Signed Soccer which can be sold in the cities to get Gold Coins.

👉  Then you will fight the Boss Soccer. Kill her to finish the event and get Gold Coins.

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