Final Result & Time to Get Rewards from Level Race Event

Congratulations to Dali warriors!

You guys did a good job at the Level Race Event. Here is the result of the event.

🔰 The result was recorded following this order: Level - Exp - Xinfa (Discipline).

🔰 Those who are in the list please pay attention to my guide to receive your rewards:

🏆 Please text me with the following information:

- Your Top: x (x from 1-3)

- Account name

- Character ID

- Your choice of 1 type in the relic group

Please have a look here to choose and contact us before 10am on August 18th. All you guys will be received your rewards from 1pm on August 18th UTC +0

🏆 Top 1, 2 and 3 will get rewards from the Gm in the game (time will be discussed via texting)

🏅 Top 4 to 10, you guys can receive your rewards by yourself at NPC Du Dai Shuang (152,170) - Dali from 1pm on August 18th UTC +0.

Text me here if you have any question.

Thank you.

69 Dragon Team, 


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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