Rebels Guide

1. Requirements

🔹 Times to join: unlimited

🔹 Party: 3 characters or more

🔹 Level: from level 70

🔹 Period (server time): 1pm - 2pm, 3pm - 4pm, 5pm - 6pm, 7pm - 8pm, 9pm - 10pm, 11pm - 00am.

2. Rewards  

Shopkeeper Handbook, Hard Wood Arrow, Soul of Dark Slate, Lv 4 Cotton Cloth, Lv 4 Dark Silver, Lv 4 Refined Iron...

3. How to play

👉 At the beginning of each period, if you come to one of these maps (Mt. Infinity, Wild Plains,Twin Island, Dun Huang, Reed Port, Mt. Sanctity), you can see the Rebels randomly.

The Rebels

👉 Click on them and you will be transferred to a map. You have to kill 30 Raider Intruders there.

👉 After killing  30 Raider Intruders, please wait about 10 seconds, the Boss Insurgents Leader will appear.

Boss Insurgents Leader

👉 Killing it and you can leave and choose another Rebel to start again.

69 Dragon Team, 


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