Q123 Kroraina Guide

1. NPC at Kroraina

👉 There are 2 quests at NPC Joy Ho (294 – 68) - Kroraina. They are: Golden Chain (Q1) and Lava Field (Q3).

👉 NPC Dennis (122 ,  56) at Kroraina will give the quest of Buddha Bead (Q2).

NPC Joy Ho

NPC Dennis

2. Requirement 

🔹 Party: 3 characters or more

🔹 Level: from level 75

🔹 Times to join: 5

🔹 Period: Anytime

3. How to play

🔰 Golden Chain Quest (Q1)

👉 Please come to see NPC Joy Ho (294 – 68) at Kroraina to receive the quest Golden Chain. Then you will be transferred to Map Thunder Hill.

Map Thunder Hill

👉 The quest asks you to kill 60 Thunder Hill Bandits, 1 Cookie Niu and 1 Candy Niu. You can lure all of them and kill them together (just for quickness) if you are confident of your equipment.

👉 Boss Yama Wong will appear when you finish killing those monsters above.

Boss Yama Wong

👉 After killing Boss Yama Wong, each member will get Golden Chain used to exchange Joy Ho’s letter, an item used to continue at the next Q2 Kroraina.

Joy Ho’s letter

🔰 Buddha Bead Quest (Q2)

👉 When completing the Golden Chain Quest (Q1), you can come to NPC Dennis for the second quest, Buddha Bead Quest (Q2).

👉 Give Joy Ho’s Letter to Dennis in Kroraina to receive the Buddha Bead Quest. Then you will be transferred to Map Miasma Bog.

Map Miasma Bog

👉 There is no monster here, but 5 places. You have to use Odd Stones to lure the monsters. There are 5 kinds of Odd Stones

🔸 Odd Stone (Thunder)

🔸 Odd Stone (Wind)

🔸 Odd Stone (Poison)

🔸 Odd Stone (Earth)

🔸 Odd Stone (Flame)

Odd Stone

👉  After killing all Odd Stones, you have to wait in 15 minutes, Thorn Demon will appear. (at the center of the map).

Thorn Demon

👉 When Thorn Demon dies, each member will get Buddha Bead, an item used to continue at the next Q3 Kroraina.

Buddha Bead

🔰 Lava Field Quest (Q3)

When completing the second quest, you can come to see NPC Joy Ho again for the last quest (Q3). You will spend 1 Buddha Bead when receiving the Lava Field Quest and are transferred to Map Lava Field.

Map Lava Field

👉 The last quest is pretty simple. You only have to kill Boss Flame Demon to complete the quest. The Boss is at the left corner of the map.

Boss Flame Demon

👉 Killing the Boss to finish the Q123 Kroraina.

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