Mid Autumn Event at Dali 69 Dragon Oath


The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. 69 Dragon Oath is pleasant to announce to you guys our Event: Mid-Autumn - Get Free Gift for this special occasion.



🔰 Event Period: after daily maintenance of September 20 to 23:59 September 24, 2021 (server time)

🔰 There are 3 events in this chain: Fishing Event, Moon Cake Bakery, Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival


1. Fishing Event

👉 Getting free gifts at NPC Azhu (205,275) when you collect 20 fish (carps) and exchange them at the NPC. 

👉 The maximum times to exchange: 5 times per day.

👉 Here are items (fixed items) you can get in this event:



2. Moon Cake Bakery 

👉 You can get Gold Eggs and Mung Beans when you finish quests of Kroraina, Chess Challenge, Misty Peaks, and Swallow's Dock.

👉 After that please come to Grasslands to open Chickens (using Gold Eggs to call the Chickens). Killing those Chickens to get 2 Eggs. Only the killer who kills the chickens can get the Eggs.

👉 You have to finish Q1, Q2 Suzhou to get Wheat

👉 To make a Mooncake, you need to have 1 Wheat + 1 Egg or 1 Mung Bean.

👉 Using the Mooncake to get gifts from the event. The maximum Mooncake to use is 10 Mooncakes per day.

👉 These are items (fixed items) you can get:



3. Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival

👉 You will get gifts when buying Lanterns at the shop. Buy Lantern -> Use Lantern -> Get Gifts 

👉 Gifts (unfixed items) you can get in this event:



🔥🔥 Especially, you will get 1 point when using a Mid-Autumn Lantern. When your points reach the following ranks, you will get the corresponding rewards (unfixed items).


🔸 Rank 1 - 50 points: Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute x100

🔸 Rank 2 - 100 points: Dragon Stone - Res Attribute x150

🔸 Rank 3 - 300 points: Dragon Stone - HP x200

🔸 Rank 4 - 500 points: Pet Boss Card (3k6) x1

🔸 Rank 5 - 1000 points: Lv4 Fashion Gems x1

🔸 Rank 6 - 1500 points: Mirage Shoulders 9* x1


69 Dragon Team, 


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