Horse Raiders Guide

I. Step 1: Collect Treasure Map

🔸 Please come to see NPC Ju Vu (224 ,226) at Suzhou to receive the quest: Punishment. Your character needs to be 30 and more. 



🔸 After that, Right-Click on the Punishment Order to find the location and coordinate. 

🔸 Please come to the exact location and coordinate and click the right mouse to call the monster. Kill it to collect Treasure Map

🔸 Finally, return to NPC Ju Vu and send back to him the quest to receive a new one.

II. Step 2: Dig Treasure Map

🔹 Right-Click on the Treasure Map to find the location and coordinate. There may be:

- Receive equipment (It will become high quality and become a fixed item after you identify it).

- Receive Recipe, Identify Book, Baby Pet Scroll, Gold

- Release the Horse Raiders

- Meet the Organs

- Move to Grave

⭐️⭐️ Especially, when it releases Horse Raiders, you will get interesting gifts: Lv 1 Synthesis Spell, Lv 2 Synthesis Spell, Gold Coin, Golden Coins, Lv4 Materials, Pet Skills and so on.

🔹 At least 3 characters in the party are required.



Horse Raiders




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Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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