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After daily maintenance of October 10th, we have 2 updates: Planting Activity & New Pets and Fashion in the Shop


1. Planting Activity

👉 When you kill Map Boss, complete Swallow's Dock, Kroraina and Chess Challenge, you will get Activity Points (use to exchange for Seeds). You have to use these points within a day. The points will be reset to 0 the next day.



🔸 Kill Map Boss: 10 points/Boss

🔸 Swallow's Dock, Kroraina and Chess Challenge: 50 points


👉 You can exchange these points at NPC Azhu (205,275) into Seeds, 100 points for a Seed.



👉 Then come to Twin Island to plant a tree. Use Blue Water Drops at the Gift Token Shop to water your tree.



Blue Water Drops at the Gift Token Shop


🔰 Note: The tree needs watering once per minute. It will die if it isn't watered after 6 minutes (from the time you plant or water).



👉 You can collect your tree when it is watered enough 5 times. Just need to wait for a minute from the fifth watering.




👉 There will be 10 Golden Chests appearing when you collect the tree. They will disappear after 2 minutes. You need to open them as soon as possible to get: items, exp, unfixed gold.



🔰 Here is reward list:

 + 200000 EXP

 + 30 unfixed Gold

 + Pet Egg: Cream Turkey

 + Pet Egg: Twin Powerful Rabbit

 + Stand-in Dummy

 + Gold Coin

 + Dragon Stone

 + Dragon Tattoo

 + Lv 1, 2, 3 Artifact Spell

 + Lv 7 Divine Fragment

 + Debris - Soul Of Strength

 + Debris - Soul Of Magic

 + Power Medicine

 + Lv1 Fashion Gem

 + Skill 45

 + Skill 80


2. Update shop: Fashions & Pets

👉 Fashions: 

 + Crystal Dragon Armor 

 + Darkness Cloak


👉 Pets: 

 + Discount all Pets' prices in the shop.

 + New Pets

  Pet Egg: Fairy Couple

  Pet Egg: Buffalo Princess

  Pet Egg: Moonlight Princess




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