Pet Island Guide

1. Requirement

- Party: 3 characters or more

- Time: 2:00pm , 3:30pm and 5:00pm

 2. Guide to play

👉 The players please come to see NPC Cherry Yun (277 - 291) at LuoYang to move to Pet Hill. 


👉 During the event, the players come to Pet Hill in a party of 3 characters or more and find Linh thú to enter the map.



👉 Then the leader of the party has to talk to the lovely beast. The responsibility is to protect this lovely beast. The players have to prevent it from Berserker Boars from 4 directions. The quest will end if the lovely beast dies.



After 7 attacks, the players will meet the Chief Boar Boss. Killing this boss you will get a lot of presents.

69 Dragon Team, 


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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