Halloween Event at 69 Dragon Oath


Halloween is coming. Happy Halloween to all our players. Please enjoy the holiday with our interesting Halloween Event at Dali server to get so many valuable presents.



🔰 Event Period: After the daily maintenance of Oct 28 to Nov 3, 2021.

🔰 Events content: Pet Island Event, Presents from 7 days Online, Funny Appearance with Magic Ball Event and Ferret out the Grave.

🔰 Manual patch update v91: click here to download

🔰 Event Detail:


1. Pet Island Event

Please join in this interesting event to get so many valuable gifts. 

Here is The Event Guide here


🎁🎁 Here are gifts from this event (fixed items)


Snowy Bear and White Horse


🔸 Note: 

- You just need to join the first quest of this event to get gifts (at Rescue Beast map). The second quest at Pet Island will not give you any gift.

- To get those gifts, the characters must be in level 50 and more.


2. Presents from 7 days Online

It is an easy event. The players come to see NPC Azhu (206,276) at Luo Yang to receive presents (fixed items) from her every day.


🎁 Day 1: Power Medicine

🎁 Day 2: Gold

🎁 Day 3: Elemental Resistance Stone (Lv 2)

🎁 Day 4: Elemental Spell Penetration Stone (Lv 2)

🎁 Day 5: Elemental Attack Stone (Lv 2)

🎁 Day 6: Elemental Resistance Reduction Stone (Lv 2)

🎁 Day 7: Lv 3 Artifact Spell


🔸 Note: To get presents from this event, the characters must be in level 50 and more.


3. Funny Appearance with Magic Ball Event

During the event, players can buy the Magic Ball in the Token Shop. Then come to Luo Yang to throw this Magic Ball at another character to get interesting presents. Those who are thrown will transform into funny appearances.



🎁🎁🎁 Here are presents from this event (unfixed items)



Cute Robot and Flying Buffalo


Fashion White Dragon Prince Armor and Fashion: Lotus Dress


🎁🎁🎁 Aslo, the players can get those presents when throwing (unfixed items):




Mount: Zither




4. Ferret out the Grave

The players please come see NPC Ju Wu (224 ,226) at Su Zhou and get the quest to receive Treasure Map. Open this Treasure Map, the players can enter the Grave. Open the Treasure Chests in the Grave, the players can get many gifts such as: Advanced Pet Skill, Pet Egg: Little Horse and Debris: Soul Of Strength, Soul Of Magic  (unfixed items)


The Little Horse


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