Dear our players,


We are happy to inform you that we have a BIG UPDATE after the daily maintenance of November 18, 2021.



They are interesting updates that many players are looking forward to enjoying such as: 

1. Open the level of 119

2. I am a Newbie

3. Open the feature of Kung Fu Relic

4. Open new map: Scene of Void


🔰 Download the new patch v95 here.

🔰 Download the newest client here.


1. Open the level of 119: Now you guys can reach the level 119 when the characters get enough requirements. 


2. I am a Newbie:

- The feature supports the newbie and those who are back to the server: NPC Xiao Feng - Da Li (160,170)

- All new characters and characters under the level 98 will get some benefits following:

+ If the character has no class, you can choose the class you like.

+ Up to level 98

+ Up to Discipline 80

+ Getting the 3 hole - basic equipment with lv3 gems (depending on the class)

+ 500 ivory


3. Open the feature of Kung Fu Relic

- Requirement: level 75 and above

- NPC Floris Kung, Dali (180,104)

- Materials: Scene of Void Relic Piece, Library Secret


👉 You will get 50 "Kung Fu Training Points" when you come to see NPC Floris Kung, Dali (180,104) each day

👉 When finishing the Scene of Void, you will get Scene of Void Relic Piece. Besides, when fighting with bosses of: Grasslands, Mt. Fire Rock, Pet Island, Werewolf Hill, Twin Island you will get Library Secret.

👉 Use both Scene of Void Relic Piece and Library Secret to exchange Kung Fu Relic.

👉 Each kind of Kung Fu Relic will need a different amount of  Scene of Void Relic Piece and Library Secret.

👉 After studying Kung Fu Relic, you need Kung Fu Training Points to level up. You can get Kung Fu Training Points at Chess Challenge, Kroraina, Scene of Void.


4. Open new map: Scene of Void


👉 Each day, you will get  50 Five Elements Cards at NPC Floris Kung, Dali (180,104).

👉 Use Five Elements Cards to provoke the Scene of Void. You will expense 10 Five Elements Cards per time.

👉 You will provoke 5 bosses each time. If you fail, you will meet these bosses the next time. 5 times/day is maximum.


69 Dragon Team, 


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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