69Do3 will officially release the event “Dragon Tattoo”!!!

Hi all players,
To meet your expectations, Do69 Management Team would like to make the new announcement for all valued players: 69Do3 will officially release the event “Dragon Tattoo”.
The date and time this will be released: 15 Nov 2019 (6.30am California USA time zone- exactly 1.30pm in game).
After many days of collecting your valued feedback about new features, we decide to open 2 new features: change of character’s name and change class.
We don’t encourage players to “change of character’s name” so please have the consideration before you decide to change your character’s name for your account to avoid people take advantages of that to scam you when selling/buying.

Some pictures of "Dragon tattoo" items, name change, class change.

Dragon Tatto

Dragon Stone - HP, Res Attribute, Atk Attribute

Scroll of Soul Resistance Reduction

Matra Blood Stone, Scroll of Name, Change class

69Do3 team wishes you have a great time and enjoy the game!!
Best regards,
69Dragon Oath Team


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