Happy International Women's Day


Hello our beloved players,



On this occasion, we are pleased to send you an interesting event called Happy International Women's Day


Event period: after daily maintenance of March 07 to March 13, 2022


There are 4 mini events on this occasion. They are:

1. Online & Receiving Free Gifts

2. Check-in 7 Days

3. International Women’s Day Quest

4. Velvety Rose


Now, we will start with Online & Receiving Free Gifts

1. Online for 30 minutes & 120 minutes, you will get some presents.


🔰 Countdown Timer Icon will be at the right corner of the display. Please pay attention to the time left. Click on the icon when time is off to get your rewards.

🔰 Rewards are fixed items which can’t be sold.


Countdown Timer Icon


2. Check-in 7 Days

During the event period, everyday the players come to see the  NPC Rose (Luoyang 208,320) to receive Free Gifts from 69Dragon Oath


There are different gifts per day, from day 1 to 7. They can be PLv3 Artifact Spell, Elemental Spell Penetration Stone, Elemental Attack Stone, Elemental Resistance Stone, Elemental Resistance Reduction Stone…


Especially, unbroken check-in in 7 days will help the players get some extra gifts: 2 Pet Eggs - Flying Sheep


3. International Women’s Day Quest



🔸 Party in 2 and the leader who must be female character comes to see NPC Rose (Luoyang 208,320) to receive the quest (one quest once per day).

🔸 Each member will get her/his item. 

- The male character please bring “Trumpets call the boars” to Monan Qingyuan and provoke the boss there. He will get “Pork” (1 slot available in his bag).





- The other will plant trees at Luoyang to get Vegetables.




🔸 After that, the party will meet each other at NPC Rose (Luoyang 208,320) to get rewards


Especially, New Fashions Pink Cloud Flamingo will be your couple if your party takes part in the event and completes enough 21 Times in 7 unbroken days. The members in the party can not change. Otherwise, you guys can not get the New Fashions. 


4. Velvety Rose

Rewards: Scrolls of Name, Sex Change Capsule, Soul Materials, Dragon Tatoo Materials, New Fashions, New Pets, New Mounts, Lv4 Gems…




🔸 Buying Velvety Roses at the shop and plant them at Monan Qingyuan Map.



🔸Harvesting the roses to get rewards (unfixed items).


🔥 🔥 Especially, You will get 1 point per rose collected. When your points reach the following ranks, you will get the corresponding rewards.


🔸 Rank 1 - 100 points:Special Crafting Material x 300

🔸 Rank 2 - 200 points: Lv7 Flawless x1, Lv 3 Artifact Spell x25, Lv 7 Divine Fragment x25

🔸 Rank 3 - 300 points: All Dragon Stone and Dragon Flour x150

🔸 Rank 4 - 500 points: Gem Fashion(Lv 4) +100 Sta x1

🔸 Rank 5 - 1000 points: Piggy Warrior 4k & Mount: Zhen Yu Lan Chu(100% speed) x1

🔸 Rank 6 - 1500 points: Necklace: Butterfly Relish 9* x1

Rewards are unfixed items which can be sold.



Besides, we have some adjustments for fashions, mountsb some updates like increasing dropping rate  at Misty Peaks


69 Dragon Team, 


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