BIG UPDATE & Event April Fool’s Day


Hello our beloved players,



On this occasion, we are pleased to send you an interesting event called Happy April Fool’s Day and a Big Update for you guys to enjoy.


Patch link for new update here.



Event period: after daily maintenance of March 30 to April 05, 2022

There are 5 mini events on this occasion. They are:

1. Online & Receiving Free Gifts

2. Check-in 7 Days

3. Go Fishing with Azhu

4. April Fool's Box

5. Mystical Gem Chest


Now, we will start with Online & Receiving Free Gifts

1. Online for 30 minutes & 120 minutes, you will get some presents.


🔰 Countdown Timer Icon will be at the right corner of the display. Please pay attention to the time left. Click on the icon when time is off to get your rewards.

🔰 Rewards are fixed items which can’t be sold.


Countdown Timer Icon


2. Check-in 7 Days

During the event period, everyday the players come to see the Shifty Cat - Luoyang (208,319) to receive Free Gifts from 69Dragon Oath. There are different gifts per day, from day 1 to 7. 


Especially, unbroken check-in in 7 days will help the players get some extra gifts Pet Egg: Lazy Chicken


NPC Shifty Cat - Luoyang (208,319)


3. Go Fishing with Azhu




🔸 During the event period, you guys can get “Carp'' when going fishing. Come to see Azhu at Luoyang (205,275) to exchange your gifts (thrice per day). This is a chance to get Pet Egg: Godness Phoenix and other valuable items.


Additionally, you guys will get 2 points for each exchange.


NPC Azhu at Luoyang (205,275)


4. April Fool’s Box

Open April Fool's Box to receive unfixed gifts. They may be Pet Egg: Magic Goat, Pet Egg: Moonlight Dog, Mount: Heaven Rose, Fashion: England Royal Cloth and other valuable items. Each time opening, you guys will get 1 point.


Rank 1 - 100 points: Special Crafting Material x 300

Rank 2 - 200 points:  Lv7 Flawless x 1,  Lv3 Artifact Spell x 25, Lv7 Divine Fragment x 25

Rank 3 - 300 points: Fire Spirit x1500

Rank 4 - 500 points: Gem Fashion(Lv 4) +100 Sta x1

Rank 5 - 1000 points: Gem Level 7 Card x 1

Rank 6 - 1500 points: Exchange Amulet 9* Card x1


Rewards are unfixed items which can be sold. 


 Pet: Magic Goat


Fashion: England Royal Cloth


Amulet 9*


5. Mystical Gem Chest

You guys will get random Fashion Gem when opening the chest.




Open New Feature: Super Equipment (Level 15)

- Location: NPC White Mu - Suzhou (345, 228)

- Drop: Fire Spirit at Q123 Su Zhou, Planting Activity, Boss

- Equip Super Power Scroll: at shop and Twin Island



69 Dragon Team, 


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