New Event - New Challenge: WOODMAN MATRIX


We are glad to inform that a NEW EVENT called Woodman Matrix opens on April 20, 2022



To be ready for this new event, please have a look at our hints. Here is the patch link to update the newest client: Click here to download the patch.


📌 You will play the role of a monk and use only 2 skills of Shaolin. They are Ruby Flower Staff and Staff Attack. Other skills will not have any effect on the Wooden Men



📌 Please be in the party of 3 characters and come to NPC Woodman Monk at Dali (126,123) to get the quest (3 times/day).



👉 There will be 4 levels for you to choose from Extreme - Hard - MediumEasy. Each level will give you rewards and challenges respectively.



👉  Mr.Duan Yu will bring you to the Matrix after you choose its level.




👉  It is time for your team to kill the Wooden Man, which are in different colors.





👉  Please pay attention on the board at the corner which will show you which object you need to win first and the time to finish this quest. If you fail, please try the quest again.


👉  Time for the quest bases on the level you choose. 5 -10 - 20 - 40 seconds for Extreme - Hard - MediumEasy respectively. 


👉  After killing 7 Wooden Men in a duration, you will come Woodman Matrix 1.   Mr.Duan Yu will show you all the Wooden Men that you need to win in 10 -20 - 60 - 120 seconds for Extreme - Hard - MediumEasy respectively. 



👉  The final challenge is Wooden Man King. Come and talk to  Mr.Duan Yu to choose Win the Woodman Matrix to provoke Boss. The Boss will call 14 Woodmen to help it when its blood is under 25%. Using Ruby Flower Staff to win their Trident Bodyguard Effect.


🎁 Complete the quest to get many rewards

69 Dragon Team, 


Dragon Oath 69 - A Legend Reborn

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