A. Brief introduction about Pet:

1.Regarding Pet Type, there are 3 main types of Pets in Tian Long Ba Bu - 69 Dragon Oath:

-War Pets (have high Intelligence and Strength) such as Parrot, Tiger, Mantis, Silkworm, Silent Horse....)

-Stamina Pets (superior physical qualities) are often used for symbiosis or blood sacrifices such as Dragon-Head Tortoise, Crocodile, Polar Bear...

-Agility Pets (high agility) often with the skill of Courage Boost to take life to compensate for damage such as Monkey, Sharp Tooth Tiger, Ferret...


2.The Pet System in Tian Long Ba Bu - 69 Dragon Oath is also divided into 3 Pet Attack Types :

-Spirit Attack type: is a Pet that carries pure intelligence damage, the damage is affected by the opponent's spirit defense and the pet's spirit attack, for example, Dragon-Head Tortoise, Parrot, Silkworm...

-Physical Attack type: is a Pet that deals pure strength damage, the damage is affected by the opponent's physical defense and the pet's physical attack, for example, Big-Headed Dog, Tiger, Mantis...

-Stamina and Agility type: is a Pet that deals damage sometimes strength, sometimes intelligence (not an average like Royalty) if you notice when you increase too much into Strength and do not increase Intelligence Power or vice versa when fighting monsters will there will be times when the damage is high but sometimes the damage is very low.

(Pet's system is delimited by the word S or P or C in the upper right corner of the Pet Interface).


3.Pet's personality has 5 forms: Coward - Careful - Honest - Agile - Brave(Strong).

For each personality, there are appropriate skills such as:

Brave(Strong): Smash, Combo

Agile: Counterattack, Reflection, Stumble, Life drain

Honest: Guard(center), Intelligence

Careful: Weaken, Distract, Calm down, Flexible

Coward: Ice Charm, Thunder Charm, Fire Charm, Poison Charm, Bitterly Hit

B.A guide to choosing the right Pet:

When raising a Pet you should ask yourself 3 questions:

1.Which pet system is suitable for each sex???

-Answer: Except for Pyromancer using Pet - Physical attack type and Taoist using Pet - Spirit attack, the remaining classes can actively choose their Pet.

2.What is the purpose of using Pet?

-Answer When raising Pet has 4 purposes:

-Train solo: Agile Pet has Spirit Attack type or Physical Attack type with the addition of skill: Adv Counterattack is the most basic choice. Can add Spirit Atk SS or Physical Atk SS and AOE skills (wide-area attack such as Forest Fire, Adv Claw SS...) or Adv Bloodlust(take the attack and give up a defense) to increase efficiency.

-Killing enemies quickly: The Brave of the Physical Attack type or the Cowardly of the Spirit Attack type is extremely effective.

-Protect the owner: Pet has personality is honesty is one of the top characteristics of this requirement with Adv Guard, Adv Intelligence if you should add Adv Devotion.

-Pet helps the owner weaken the enemy: Should choose a Careful 

 Pet with Advanced Distract, Advanced Weaken is perfect.

3.Is it possible to add skills other than personality??

-Answer It is possible, according to the pet personality distribution: Brave(Strong) - Agile - Honest - Careful - Coward. Brave and Agile are next to each other, so the skills of Brave(Combo) used for Agile Pet are also quite high, but with Coward Pet, the rate is almost zero.

C.Instructions on how to choose a Pet to PK:

In my personal opinion, a standard pet for PK must be an Honest Pet. Why select this Pet?

Answer: when PK or PVP, when you attack others, others can also attack you, so whoever stays longer is the winner. The request on Honest Pet will completely help you a lot with the skill replace the owner taking damage.

When looking at an Honest Pet: It is next to Careful and Agile, so it has a high ability to use the skills of the two Pet types above.

Recipe to add skill to PK for Honest Pet: 

-Adv Guard(with % taking damage on behalf of the owner).

-Advanced Weaken or Advanced Distract(has % debuff that reduces the spirit attack/defense and physical attack/defense of the opponent) 

-Advanced Stumble (with a % of slowing down the opponent) and the remaining skill can be Adv Devotion or Adv Dedication or Adv Blood Sacrifice depending on the class.


Source: collection.