Special things will be available at the new server:

Exp x3 compared to current x2 

1. Discount on all items at Token Shop:

- Shop will sell Gem Lv 5, and Lv 6. The price of Gem Lv 5, Lv 6 new will correspond to the price 
of Gem Lv 4, Lv 5 current.

- All fashion will be free.

- Update 
more free mounts.

2. Gem Fashion:

- Drop the Lv 1 Gem Fashion drop at the Qin Emperor's Dungeon boss and drop it at the Life 
and Death Arena event. 

Craft Material:

- Drop Level 3 craft materials at Q123 Suzhou, Chess, Kroraina, Thief Soldier, and Thief Raid 
at a high rate.

- Drop Level 4 craft materials when defeating the final boss of the event Q123 Suzhou, Chess, 
Kroraina, Thief Soldier, Thief Raid, and 
all Boss Maps.

New Feature:

- The feature fusion level 3 craft material up to level 4.

Drop Synthesis Spell:
- Level 1 drop at all Boss Maps, Chess, Kroraina, Twin Island.

- Level 2 is obtained at MP 75, 95, Chess, Kroraina.
Drop Soul:

- Drop Debris - Soul in all 3 events Q123 Su zhou compared to only in Q3 as now.

Collect Gold:

- The event Soccer will open every Saturday.

- Increase the gold reward for completing the Water Prison quest.

8. Legendary Artifact Lv 86, Lv 96 will be unlocked from the beginning.

9. Legendary Artifact:

- Artifact crafting recipe Lv 102, Legendary Artifact Lv 105 - Lv 119 will change, reducing the number
of materials to make it easier to upgrade.



Features and events will be updated regularly so that everyone can experience many new features.

Song Liao battlefield will be opened from the 2nd month with corresponding titles.

12. Open Battle Of Dragons (5 vs 5) Event.


 These are major changes that will be available at the new server, in addition, during the operation process,
we will make timely changes and adjustments so that 
everyone can have the best experience.

 - You can also contribute ideas by contacting the fan page directly, we always listen to you and make
adjustments that are most suitable for everyone.
(All changes are based on the current Dali server)

69 Dragon Oath thank you so much! ❤️