Rule: 5vs5 Tournament at Luoyang Server

1. Team members must be level 80 or higher, and not in the same class.

2. When participating in the competition you are allowed to use Pet normally.

3. To ensure the fairness of the tournament, Ardor equipment will not be used (members with Ardor pay attention to preparing replacement equipment)

4. At game time, if the team has problems with the number of members, the internet, or for other reasons, it should be reported to GM and the maximum delay is 5 minutes. After 5 minutes if the team is not enough people will have to play, in case no member is present, the team will be forfeited.

5. Before entering the Arena, members are not allowed to use the Substitution skill buff of the Pyromancer class (avoid receiving this buff from players not in the same party)

6. Depending on the number of teams registered to participate in the competition, we will divide the table by the appropriate number of teams (there will be a video of randomly dividing the table for the teams) then will compete in a round of scoring ( win:1 point, lose: 0 points)

7. The results of each group will take 2 teams ranked 1st and 2nd in the next round

The qualifying matches will be played in a BO1 format, the Quarterfinals and Semi-finals will be played in a BO3 and the Finals will be played in a BO5

- The matches in the inner round will take place Bo3 each match 15 minutes apart

- Matches may take place earlier or later depending on the situation of the match

GM's decision is final

Thank you! ❤️