Tournament Champion Prediction Event

❤️ Hi friends,
☀️ The tables have been announced now it's time to discuss the possibility of which team will be the champion of the 5vs5 season 1 tournament at the Luoyang server.
🔥 To make the tournament more exciting, the event to predict the champion team will be opened.
⏰ The event period: from now until the end of September 26
🍀 Rule: just share the post and predict the team winner in the comments
🎁 Rewards for event participants:
- Power Medicine x2
- Perfect Refresh Soul Stone x5
- Dragon Stone - HP x10
- Dragon Stone - Res Attribute x10
- Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute x10
🎁 Rewards for members who guess correctly:
- Power Medicine x5
- Perfect Refresh Soul Stone x5
- Dragon Stone - HP x20
- Dragon Stone - Res Attribute x20
- Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute x20
- Pet Egg: Beautiful Monkey King x2
- Fashion: Crystal Dragon Armor(30 days) x1
📌 Note:
👉 Results will not count edited comments after the event period ends.
👉 The members who receive the correct prediction will not receive the event participants' reward.
👉 Share articles that need to be made public or seen by friends (private posts are not accepted)
👉 Please send the image you shared in this post to get the reward
📌We always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to make our server the most complete.
🍀 Hope you have a good time when playing Dragon Oath 69!
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