World Boss Event

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📣 Notice: maintenance update at 8 am on October 2 with content:
🔸1. World Boss Event
- At 13:00(Server time) every Sunday, World Boss will appear at Twin Island(138, 125)
- After the Boss announcement appears, members go to the announcement location to defeat the boss
- All members can join the event
- Every time 20% HP reduction, the boss will release 20 chests containing rewards, anyone can open
- A total of 5 times with 100 chests will be released
🎁 Rewards include:
Lv1, Lv2, Lv3 Artifact Spell
Matra Blood Stone
Twelve Animals Designation Coin(40 Golds)
Pet Egg: Peaceful Princess
Dragon Flour
Elemental Resistance/Attack/Spell Penetration/Resistance Reduction Stone
Dragon Tattoo
Lv 2 Synthesis spell
2K6 Pet Boss Card (collecting all 50 cards will exchange for 1 pet boss 2k6)
Pet Egg: Heaven Faye
Fire spirit
Fire Spirit Box
Scroll of Soul Resistance - Property
Pet Spirit Ball (Lv 1)
Fashion Gem(Lv 1)
Crystal Pearl
Heroic Order Level Up Card
Lv 5 Gem
Sculpture Recipe
Mount: Ice Sword
Pneuma stone(Lv 1)
Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle Lv.1
Yuan Lin Herb
Extension Properties Up Card
👉 Especially, there will be an extremely low rate of getting Golden Needle, used to upgrade 7 * fashion

📌All rewards are unbound

🔸2. Fashion upgrade features:
- Only for fashion 7*
- use Golden Needle to upgrade
- Start success rate is 1%
- If the upgrade fails, the next upgrade rate will Increase 1%

📌We always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to make our server the most complete.
🍀 Hope you have a good time when playing Dragon Oath 69!
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