Hi Friends,

We would like to send you the details of the October Event series of events for 2 servers Dali and Lac Duong as follows

Event time: From October 14 to the end of October 20

A. Event

1. Online & Receiving Free Gifts

Online for 30 minutes & 120 minutes, you will get some presents.

🔰 Countdown Timer Icon will be at the right corner of the display. Please pay attention to the time left.

Click on the icon when the time is off to get your rewards.

🎁List of rewards:

Online for 30 minutes:

Server Dali:

Lv 7 Divine Fragment

Power Medicine

Server Luoyang:

Lv 1 Synthesis Spell

Gold Coin

Online for 120 minutes:

Server Dali:

Fire Spirit

Artifact Lv3

Server Luoyang:

Power Medicine

Lv 2 Synthesis Spell

(Note: rewards are fixed items that can’t be sold)

2. 7 Days Gift Online

During the event period, every day the players come to see the Zhu -

Luoyang (205, 275) to receive Free Gifts from 69Dragon Oath. There are different gifts per day, from day

1 to 7. 

Especially, unbroken check-in in 7 days will help the players get some extra gifts Pet

Egg: Squirrel Swordsman