☀️ 69 Dragon Oath would like to give the members of the 69 Dragon Oath community this gift instead of thanking you for always accompanying and trusting us.

🎉 Wish you have moments of fun experience!

Details of rewards for reaching levels:

⚡️ Lv 98

Opal (Lv 5) x1

Tigereye (Lv 5) x1

Ruby (Lv 5) x1

Polar Chalcedony x2

Gold Coin x10

Magnificent Jade x25

⚡️ Lv 102

Dragon Tattoo x2

Soul Of Strength x2

Soul Of Magic x2

Perfect Refresh Soul Stone x3

Lv 2 Synthesis Spell x2

Ice Star Stone x5

Elemental Resistance Stone (Lv 1) x1

Elemental Attack Stone (Lv 1) x1

Elemental Spell Penetration Stone (Lv 1) x1

Elemental Resistance Reduction Stone (Lv 1) x1

⚡️ Lv 105

Equip Super Power Scroll x2

Fire Spirit Box x5

Ice Star Stone x5

Lv3 Artifact Spell x5

Dragon Stone - HP x20

Dragon Stone - Res Attribute x20

Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute x20

Dragon Flour x20

Thank you! ❤


📌We always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to make our server the most complete.

🍀 Hope you have a good time when playing Dragon Oath 69!


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