Hi Friends,

We would like to send you the details of the Merry Christmas Event series of events for Lac Duong server as follows

Event time: From December 21 to the end of December 27

A. Event

1. Online & Receiving Free Gifts

Online for 30 minutes & 120 minutes, you will get some presents.

🔰 Countdown Timer Icon will be at the right corner of the display. Please pay attention to the time left.

Click on the icon when the time is off to get your rewards.

🎁 Rewards:

Online for 30 minutes:

Library Secret

Fire Spirit

Online for 120 minutes:

Equip Super Power Scroll

Pet Spirit Ball (Lv 1)

(Note: rewards are bound items that can’t be sold)

2. 7 Days Gift Online

During the event period, every day the players come to see the Zhu -

Luoyang (205, 275) to receive Free Gifts from 69Dragon Oath. There are different gifts per day, from day

1 to 7.

Especially, unbroken check-in in 7 days will help the players get some extra gifts Lv 4 Artifact Spell

🎁 List of rewards:

Day 1: Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute

Day 2: Dragon Stone - Res Attribute

Day 3: Dragon Stone - HP

Day 4: Crystal Pearl

Day 5: Gold Silk

Day 6: Lv 3 Artifact Spell

Day 7: Fire Spirit

All 7 Days: Lv 4 Artifact Spell

3. Christmas Gift Box

During the event period, after completing Q1, Q2 Suzhou, Chess, Treasure Hunt you will receive Christmas Gift Box.

After using Christmas Gift Box you will receive valuable rewards (bound) at the same time + 1 Christmas Gift Box point.

In addition, you can also buy Christmas Gift Box at Token Shop to try your luck and participate in the Point Top event. (Note: all rewards are unbound)

After accumulating 100, 300, 500, and 700 lucky points you can go to NPC Azhu-Luoyang(205, 275) to receive corresponding rewards.

🎁 Rewards:

Lv 4 craft materials

Dragon stone

Dragon tattoo

Lv1, Lv2 Synthesis spell

Lv1, Lv2, Lv3 Artifact Spell

Lv 5 Gem

Hard Stone Arrow

Fire Spirit

Fire Spirit Box

Equip Super Power Scroll

Fashion: Sky Light

Fashion: Angel Cloth

Scroll of Name

All Sculpture

Gold Silk

Dragon Flour

Power Medicine

Library Secret

Pet Egg: Tian Peng Zhu Yue

Mount: Snowman Ride

Reward Lucky Point event:

Rank 1 - 100 points:
Dragon Stone - HP x50

Dragon Stone - Res Attribute x50

Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute x50

Rank 2 - 300 points: Fire Spirit x1500

Rank 3 - 500 points: 4K Pet Boss Card x1

Rank 4 - 700 points:Lucky Christmas Hat x 1

4. Throwing Snow

During the event at Luoyang Castle, there were mounds of snow that anyone could pick up.

You can pick up snowball or Happiness Snowball, use them to throw on your friends, after throwing the snowball, the person thrown can transform.

Especially after throwing Happiness Snowball, there is a chance to receive the reward of fireworks, fire spirit, fire spirit box

5. Boss Big Snowman

16:00(Server time) December 24 Boss Big Snowman will appear at Mt. Kunlun(105, 100).
After every 20% HP reduction, the boss drops 20 chests, anyone also can pick it up.
🎁 Rewards:

Divine Stone

Fresh Water Bottle

Stand-in Dummy

Power Medicine

Dragon stone

Dragon tattoo

Lv1, Lv2 Synthesis spell

Lv1, Lv2, Lv3 Artifact Spell

Pet Egg: Reindeer

Sculpture of Sta Recipe

Sculpture of Agi Recipe

Fire Spirit

Equip Super Power Scroll
Dragon Flour

Library Secret
Especially when the boss is defeated, there will appear 2 precious chests, inside containing random level 4 fashion gems

6. 20% Promotion

Promotion period from December 21 to December 27

B. Update

🔸 Update Emoji chat

🔸 Added Lv4 Gem for Shaolin Library event

🔸 Added fire spirit for event Q1, Q2 Suzhou


📌We always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to make our server the most complete.

🍀 Hope you have a good time when playing Dragon Oath 69!


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