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Lunar New Year is a huge traditional holiday of some Asian countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia...

To celebrate this event, 69 Dragon Oath would like to send you the following series of events:
Event time: From Jannuary 19 to the end of Jannuary 25

A. Event

1. Online & Receiving Free Gifts

Online for 30 minutes & 120 minutes, you will get some presents.

🔰 Countdown Timer Icon will be at the right corner of the display. Please pay attention to the time left.

Click on the icon when the time is off to get your rewards.

🎁 Rewards:

Online for 30 minutes:

Library Secret

Fire Spirit

Online for 120 minutes:

Equip Super Power Scroll

Pet Spirit Ball (Lv 1)

(Note: rewards are bound items that can’t be sold)

2. 7 Days Gift Online

During the event period, every day the players come to see the Zhu -

Luoyang (205, 275) to receive Free Gifts from 69Dragon Oath. There are different gifts per day, from day

1 to 7.

Especially, unbroken check-in in 7 days will help the players get some extra gifts Pet Soul Stone (Lv 1)

🎁 List of rewards:

Day 1: Dragon Stone - Atk Attribute

Day 2: Dragon Stone - Res Attribute

Day 3: Dragon Stone - HP

Day 4: Tatto Paint Lv 3

Day 5: Oblivion Stone

Day 6: Lv 3 Artifact Spell

Day 7: Fire Spirit

All 7 Days: Pet Soul Stone (Lv 1)

3. Make Banh Chung

During the event, you participate in the event Q12 Suzhu, Chess, Treasure hunt can collect Pork, Sticky rice, Grean Bean, Phrynium. After having enough of the above materials, bring them to NPC Azhu - Luoyang(205, 275) to make Banh Chung.

Using Banh Chung will receive rewards(bound) and especially each cake will increase 1 cumulative point.

In addition, you can also buy Banh Chung at Token Shop to try your luck and participate in the Point Top event. (Note: all rewards are unbound)

After accumulating 100, 300, 500, and 700 lucky points you can go to NPC Azhu-Luoyang(205, 275) to receive corresponding rewards.
🎁 Rewards:

Lv 4 craft materials

Dragon stone

Dragon tattoo

Lv1, Lv2 Synthesis spell

Lv1, Lv2, Lv3 Artifact Spell

Lv 5 Gem

Hard Stone Arrow

Fire Spirit

Fire Spirit Box

Equip Super Power Scroll

Pneuma Stone (Lv 1)

Fashion: Wo ai ni

Mount: Heaven Flying Peacock
Scroll of Name

All Sculpture

Gold Silk

Dragon Flour

Power Medicine

Library Secret

Pet Egg: Princess Li

Heroic Order Level Up Card
Crystal Pearl
Oblivion Stone

Reward Point event:

Rank 1 - 100 points:
Heroic Order Level Up Card x50

Crystal Pearl x50
50 Accumulated Points

Rank 2 - 300 points: Pet Soul Stone (Lv 3) x1
Rank 3 - 400 points: Exchange Ring 9* Card x1

Rank 4 - 700 points:5000 Pneuma Points

4. Boss Lunar New Year

17:30(Server time) Jan 21 and Jan 22 Boss Big will appear at Monan Qingyuan(162, 94).

After every 20% HP reduction, the boss drops 20 chests, anyone also can pick it up.
🎁 Rewards:

Divine Stone

Fresh Water Bottle

Stand-in Dummy

Power Medicine

Dragon stone

Dragon tattoo

Lv1, Lv2 Synthesis spell

Lv1, Lv2, Lv3 Artifact Spell

Pet Egg: Reindeer

Sculpture of Sta Recipe

Sculpture of Agi Recipe

Fire Spirit

Equip Super Power Scroll
Dragon Flour
Pet Egg: Princess Li

Library Secret
Lv1 Gem Fashion
Pneuma stone (Lv 1)
Especially when the boss is defeated, there will appear 2 precious chests, inside containing random level 4 fashion gems

5. The New Year's Eve countdown
The New Year's Eve countdown event will take place at 17:00 on January 21 server time.

From 17:00 to 17:15, there will be fireworks and gift box launching at Luoyang Square(255, 245), anyone can pick up the gift box.

🎁 Rewards:

Pet Egg: Tian Peng Zhu Yue

Pet Egg: Yong Ai Princess

Pet Egg: White Deer

Fashion: Blue Rabit Cloth

Fashion: Sleeping Crane

Fashion: Sky Light

Dragon Flour

Dragon tattoo

Daisy Capsule


Lv 1 Synthesis spell

Fire spirit

Lv 2 Synthesis spell

Pet Spirit Ball (Lv 1)

Library Secret

Power Medicine

Dragon stone

Debris - Soul

Heroic Order Level Up Card

Extension Properties Up Card

Crystal Pearl

2K6 Pet Boss Card

ride: Moonlight Rabit

ride: Ice Sword

ride: Golden Phoenix

ride: Golden Scroll

ride: Cui Feng Lian

Lv 3 Artifact spell

Equip Super Power Scroll

B. Update
1. Open the Pet Soul feature

🔸 Drop will update in the next update

🔸 Synthesis Pet Soul stone at NPC Snow Yun - Suzhou(353, 271)

2. Open the Pneuma feature

🔸 NPC Mr. Zhang - Suzhou(348, 230)
3. Update drop list:
🔸 Increase drop rate Heroic Order materials
🔸 Add lv4 gem for all boss Misty Peaks(75, 95)
🔸 Add Pneuma stone for the drop at Boss Map(Grasslands, Werewolf Hill, Mt. Fire Rock, Pet Island), Misty Peaks(75, 95), Shaolin Library, Marvel Palace, Battle Field.

4. Fix breed time to 5 minutes for Pets: Yew Fa Monk, Gorgeous Purple Whale, Damsel Fairy, Yong Ai Princess, Tian Peng Zhu Yue, Bai Bian Xiongmao, Po Zhen Jiang Hun

Thank you! ❤️


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