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The Magic Vase feature, the treasure of the old Voodoo class, was lost in the martial. Legend has it that someone successfully practiced and left a secret book of alchemy for posterity. Just practicing The Magic Vase will be able to increase your maximum strength for yourself, and strengthen the physical strength of martial artists.

To activate The Magic Vase requires a certain strength of level 80 or higher. At the same time, each time you use it, you need an appropriate amount of Yuan Lin Herb to activate the full effect of the Pill, increasing the possibility of successful Alchemy.

I. Introducing The Magic Vase

- The Magic Vase has a total of 9 levels

- Each level can make the number of Pills corresponding to the number of layers

- Each pill adds different physical points, increasing gradually with the number of levels achieved.

II. NPC Activate The Magic Vase

- Friends reaching level more 80 to Dali(240,55) meet NPC Atao choose "Active The Magic Vase"

III. Find Materials for The Magic Vase

1. Event

- All materials related to making The Magic Vase can be found at Liao Battle, Marvel Palace, Shaolin Library, Dragon Tattoo event.

2. Materials and uses.

IV. How to make

1. Refine Pill

- In the 9 levels of The Magic Vase, there are cells containing pills. To practice Pill, it is necessary to have enough Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle. Each pill box needs a different number of Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle, specifically:

- Materials: Medicinal Ceiling Points are obtained by searching for materials Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle Lv.1, Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle Lv.2 at the subsections of Liao Battle, Marvel Palace, Shaolin Library, Dragon Tattoo or can be obtained through game events.

Attention when refine pill:

*** Alchemy success rate

- In the case of Alchemy with a success rate of less than 50%, the failure will lose all the existing corresponding Medicinal Ceiling points.

Medicinal Ceiling

- In the case of refinement with a success rate of over 50%, failure will lose 40% of the total required Medicinal Ceiling points of the current Pill.

Example: refine on the 2nd level: When the 1st alchemist needs 700 Medicinal Ceiling points

You currently have 500 Medicinal Ceiling points (ie >50%)

When refine fails, your remaining Medicinal Ceiling score is 500 - (700x40%) =220. Equal to 220 Medicinal Ceiling points remaining

- When the alchemy rate reaches 100%, the refining will definitely succeed.

- Limit the initial success rate of each pill to 80%, to increase the success rate of refining can use Poisonous Grub Bone. Each Poisonous Grub Bone increases the refining success rate cap by 3% for each Pill slot.

- When refining is successful in running out of Pillboxes on each level, it is necessary to perform refining to break through to the next level, then can refining pills continue.

2. Synthetic Pill

- Each time synthetic requires 20 Medicinal Material

- Medicinal Material can use Yuan Lin Herb, Xian Lin Herb items to increase Medicinal Material points. Or can be received through the event.

*** Successful Synthetic Pill:

- From the 1st level to the 4th level, when synthesis succeeds, he will break through to the next level

- From the 5th to the 9th level, when synthesis succeeds, he will break through to the next level, and directly practice Ultimate Golden Pill. Each Ultimate Golden Pill increases stamina by 100 points, up to a total of 10 pills.

*** Fail Synthetic Pill:

- Failed synthesis each time will accumulate enlightenment points from 1 - 3 points. If you fail consecutively but accumulate 100% of the required enlightenment points, you will directly combine successfully.

3. Ultimate Golden Pill

- When completing 9 levels of Alchemy and synthesis, continuing to synthesis will have a chance to form the Ultimate Golden Pill props that are not fixed.

- Ultimate Golden Pill has the effect of maximizing the enlightenment points of the current level, helping your friends quickly break through to another level.

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