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We would like to introduce to you the new feature, Golden Feather.

Completely different from a normal dart like Plum Dart or Ice Needle, it includes full features like Dragon Tattoo, Soul, and especially the power of its Combo Dart Attack skill.

Specific information is as follows:

1. NPC in charge of feature

- NPC Wu Ting Wu - Luoyang(209, 345)

2. How can get it?

- Character needs to reach level 90

- 1 Ice needle needs to remove Gem before used to upgrade

- 50 Garuda's wing feathers, can be purchased at the Token Shop or collected at the Lang Huan Fu Di event
- 100 gold or ivory
- Upgrade at NPC Wu Ting Wu-Luoyang(209, 345)

3. Combo Dart Attack
- Once you have your Golden Feather equipped, you can learn the Combo Dart Attack skill at NPC Wu Ting Wu, which requires a cost of 100 gold or ivory.

- Using skills will have a chance to hit the target, when hitting the target will attack the target for 5 consecutive hits, dealing huge damage.

4. Golden Feather - Pour Poison(Natural Properties)

You can choose different types of poison, each poison after being poured on the dart will have different effects.
- Love Flower: increase Max HP, Ice Atk and Hit
- Blood On The Crane's Head: increase Max HP, Fire Atk and Hit

- Bodhi Blood: increase Max HP, Thunder Atk and Hit
- Peacock's Bile: increase Max HP, Poison Atk and Hit

5. Golden Feather Poison Training
After the Golden Feather Pour Poison, the attributes can be upgraded to gain more power using the Five Poison Pearl types.

- Five Poison Pearl-Yuanyang: can be used to increase Max HP

- Five Poison Pearl-Shunwu: can be used to increase attack attributes

- Five Poison Pearl-Star Eyes: can be used to increase Hit

6. Golden Feather Star Boost
Golden Feather star boost is a very important feature that increases the attributes and power of skills by %.

7. Reset skill: combo attack Golden Feather
The combo dart attack skill includes 5 attacks, each of which can be customized with different strengths. You can use Vulture Stone to reset this skill however you want.

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