[For Your Reference] Some advices for players who want to change class:

On 15 Nov 2019 we will update new features “change name” and “change class” and “Dragon Tattoo” Event.
There are many players who has questions about changing class such as:

Change Class

“If I change class now, what will affect my account. What will happen and what I will lose?”

We are here to assist you with this:  After you change class, below is the list of what you can keep and what you will lose:

1.  You will lose relics 35 + 80 and all class skills will be reset to level 1.

2.  All related class skills such as buff making spells/ crafting will also be removed
Please read and think carefully before you decide to change class!

We wish you all the best and enjoy the game.
Best regards,
69Do3 Team.


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