📜 69 Dragon Oath's confidence


Dear all my 69Dragon Oath members,


On behalf of the 69 Dragon Oath team, we totally appreciate your passion for the game. Thank you for always being by our side.



As you know, we are a new team from Dali server. We launched the Dali server (Aug 31 2021) and Luoyang (Aug 13, 2022). Time flies with many happy and tough moments. We are still here with you and make many efforts to uphold a nice community for you guys to entertain after work or study. We are really lucky when we are beloved of all.


Only one Dragon Oath - 69. Dragon Oath is not only a game but also a community, a family.


All of you deserve to enjoy a good server. Therefore, we are trying to perfect the new server Venus as good as possible.


With the aim of providing our players perfect experiences at the world of Tian Long Ba Bu from 69 Dragon Oath. We decided to launch the new server Venus at 1PM (UTC +0) July 28, 2023.


We Dragon Oath 69 Team cordially invite interested players to attend and experience the neoclassical 9 Class Version of TLBB. We are glad to collect your feedback and we will perfect the official server according to your feedback and hobbies.


To accomplish these things, it is indispensable for your welcome and support. 69 Dragon Oath would like to sincerely thank you and will turn it into a motivation to continue with the enthusiastic colleagues to continue the journey for 69 Dragon Oath.


Once again 69 Dragon Oath would like to thank everyone who has always accompanied and supported us during the past time.


Let's wait for the upcoming surprises at the New Server Venus.



📌We always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to make our server the most complete.

🍀 Hope you have a good time when playing Dragon Oath 69!


Dragon Oath 69 - Hero's Come Back

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