Overview of the new server Venus’s roadmap


Dear DO69 players,


Dragon Oath 69 is launching The Official New Server Venus ... Coming Soon. 69 Dragon Oath is glad to inform you of the overview of the new server Venus’s roadmap.



We cordially invite interested players to attend and experience the neoclassical version of TLBB.


Launching: Coming Soon

Version: neoclassical (nostalgic activities and modern functions)

Login: maximum 3 accounts/PC

Class: 9 classes

Gems: Lv 5 (3 sockets), no sculpture (first term)

Exp: x2

Level: 89 (first term)

Equipments: Full Classes, King Yan and Loyalty Equipments

Artifacts of Quests: 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92 (Soul Training is updated later)

Nostalgic activities: The Rebels, Thiefs, Q123 SuZhou, Water Prison, Horse Raiders…

Latest functions: operating fiducially like Dali Train, Sculpture, Dragon Tattoo, Pneuma, Super Equipment, Heroic Order,  Magic Vase…

Chains of basic functions: Artifact, Soul, Hidden Weapon...

Chains of Newbie Quests, Maps, Loop Quests, Hero Quests…


Opening with the classical version, new server Venus brings you nostalgic experience with the challenge of Exp and the balance of Drop-Rate, which makes your journey become plentiful and creates the enduring world.


Modern functions and will be updated along the journey. They are the latest version of function and operate fiducially.


Enjoying the game with leisurely steps, then becoming stronger and stronger with the power of modern functions.


Besides updated modern functions, events and races are updated, too. Adjustments will be available when needed up to your feedback and hobbies. Additionally, new functions will be researched and developed to make your experience more interesting.


This is the first time we have presented an interesting version satisfying many hobbies of players who enjoy nostalgic activities and modern functions.


🔸 Time: Coming Soon

🔸 Login Account: using current accounts or creating new ones here

🔸 Link Full download the new server of the neoclassical version

Link Google Drive: 

Link 1: Click here to download

Link 2: Click here to download


There are some events to collect GIFT CODES used at the new server. Please join in them and get your rewards:

1. [Event] Press Like Button New Fanpage - Get Gifts New Server:



2. [Event] Report Bug at the Alpha Test - Get Rewards:



3. Free Gift Code when contacting to the Page


4. [Event] Like & Share Roadmap:



5. [Event] Hero Come Back: 



We Dragon Oath 69 Team cordially invite interested players to attend and experience the neoclassical 9 Class Version of TLBB. We are glad to collect your feedback and we will perfect the official server according to your feedback and hobbies.


Thank you.


📌We always listen to your comments and adjust accordingly to make our server the most complete.

🍀 Hope you have a good time when playing Dragon Oath 69!


Dragon Oath 69 - Hero's Come Back

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