[Notice] Warning for all players about losing items when using auto 69D03

At the moment, the server 69Do3 have been operating for a certain amount of time, however, there are some players still face with some unexpected accidents such as:

- Throw the items away from your inventory

- For those cases, we have been thoroughly checked and supported you to get back the lost items.

- However, we noticed there are few cases when the players used it to make advantages of the system. We have been blocked those accounts and given them warnings.

- We hope all of you to be more careful about keeping your items safe. After this notice, if you accidentally lose your items, we will not give further support.

- One thing you should know, do NOT tick on the Delete Items or any similar functions, as if you tick the wrong sections, you will delete and lose the items.

Auto 69do3

- One more time, we notice for all players of 69Do3 that either you accidentally or purposely delete your items, we will not support you to get it back.

- Hope you read this carefully and take notice for your future reference.

- Many thanks and kind regards,

69D03 Team!!!


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