[Notice]  69Do3 officially allows to log 6 accounts/1 IP

Dear players,

There are many reports about some players using the 3rd software and this effects seriously to the log in of more than 6 accounts/ 1 IP

69Do3 decides to allow max 6 accounts/1 IP. If anyone find out the other players log more than 6 accounts/ 1 IP please report to us on FanPage.

We then will check the account that we suspect to log more than 6 accounts. 69Do3 will randomly select one of those accounts and lock it in 1 day

6 accounts/ 1 IP

If the player still continue to repeat and log more than 6 accounts we will apply those penalties:

+ 1st time: lock account 1 day
+ 2nd time: lock account 3 day
+ 3st time: lock account 7 day
+ 4th time: lock account permanently

The locking penalty will take place immediately

If any players can report this to us and if we check and the report is correct, we will give you 30k tokens (trading through GM)

The time to apply for this is 13 Dec 2019

We hope everyone will like and share this information to 69Do3 community.

We hope everyone follow the rule and hope you enjoy the game.

Kind regards,

69 Do3 Team!!!


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Home: http://69dragon.com/
ID 69Do3: http://id.69dragon.com