The group stage results and the fixtures for final round of 69Do3 5v5 Event:

Dear players,

Finally, after all stressful and climax fighting rounds, we now can get the best TEAMS which is honoured to enter the final round:

We congratulate 4 TEAMS which perform exceptionally well to the Final Round as below:

Undisputed (Aenoys (C), ViVi, Mo0on. TiểuLong, DeoBietChoi )
Olympus (XxIceMoonXx (C), Aícé, Byron. DenJaka, Zangief )
Yikers (Stains (C) , Daniel, Brownie. Stefan, Enchantress )
- OneForAll (Ki Ki (C), Muron, Jessica, SCAR, ReDnexT)

Final Round

See the tournament’s rules there: See details

The additional rules for the final round:

+ 4 Teams will do the same "Circle Rounds" like in "the group stage rounds".
+ If teams have the "Same Points". 69 Do3 will organise the additional match for the "King Crown" of the PvP 5v5 Event.
+ Warning about using HP Bug
+ All teams must play fair, honestly and no cheating
+ If GM find out any team members have the cheating behaviour, that TEAM will be straight away disqualified.

The fixtures for the Final Round is: 10.00 (Server time) on 22 Dec 2019

69Do3 Team wish all of teams luck and victory on the final day.

Best regards,
69Do3 Team


ID 69Do3: