Dear our friends,

A new Christmas season is coming again, in the bustling atmosphere of the last days of the year, everyone feels excited about the feeling of waiting until the Eve time.
Wish a very happy Christmas season, blessing to all heroes everywhere on 69Do3.

In order to rekindle the excitement for a bustling new year, 69Do3 introduces the event, 12 Animal Designations Arena, which will reunion with all of you this Christmas.

12 Animal Designations wish to challenge with all 12 Classes disciples on this Christmas and New year.

For heroes who want to challenge them, please go to Da LiLily White [271, 131], ask her about 12 Animal Designations Arena, and she can help you.

This event will bring to all of you a lot of emotions, you can be able to challenge with 12 Animal Designations that Happiness Cat sent. And if you win against any of Animal Designations, you can be able to receive the following awards:

- Skill Lv 86 Recipes
- 9-star Equips
- The 4k Pet Boss Card
- Soul Property Atk. Book
- Fashion: Charming Crane Dress
- Pet Eggs:
+ Lazy Chicken
+ Nezumi Prince
+ Happy Phoenix
+ Flower Princess

12 Animal Designations

See detailed skill 86 here

And there are many other items ...

Time: From after daily maintenance on December 24, 2019 until daily maintenance on December 27, 2019

Animal Designations awards: Random in the list of rewards for each animal below:

* All items are unbound when picked up.

Let's experience the intense and exciting battle moments at 12 Animal Designations Arena with us.

69Do3 wishes all players have a good time playing, especially having a very happy Christmas season and moreover, Happy new year!!!

Best regards
69 Dragon Oath


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