Dear our friends,

 The opening for "Merry Christmas 2019" with the event "Finding Snowballs" is a simple activity associated with the bustling Christmas atmosphere.
After completing the activities of the "Finding Snowballs", friends, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive awards from Santa Claus.

1. General introduction
- Event name: Finding Snow Ball
- Time: After maintenance from 13:00 (Server Time) on December 24, 2019 to the end of maintenance on 13:00 (server time) on December 27, 2019.

2. Content of the event
- During the event, Luo Yang Square will be covered with snow.
- Every 2 hours, the Snow Piles will cover around Luo Yang and become Snow Hill. When collecting the Snow Piles, Snow Hill, you will have chance to receive Snowball.

Happiness Snowball and Snowball

- Use Snowball to throw at another player or build a Snowman, you can receive different gifts and buffs for your character.

Chritmas Snowman

Christmas Gift

Twelve Card

The Snowman will finally turn into Santa Claus, then you can be able to receive Christmas Gift Bags from Santa. Opening Christmas Gift Bags, you can receive valuable awards, including Christmas Hat (7 days) and Christmas Hat (30 days).

Note: Christmas Gift Bags received from Santa Claus, requires character level 88 or above to open.

3. Rewards

- Participating in the event, you will have chance to randomly receive one of the rewards such as Christmas Hat (7 days), Christmas Hat (30 days), rare mounts, rare fashion, and other items ....
- Wish all our friends have best time when participating in the 69Do3 Finding Snowballs event.


Lucky Christmas Hat and Happy Christmas Hat

Best regards

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