Dear our friends,

So a year was passed also, the 2020 year, let’s say goodbye to PIG and say welcome to RAT. The moment to change from cold Winter to warm Spring.

69Dragon Oath is very happy to introduce to all of you the event: “Lunar New Year 2020”. Some countries we have Lunar New Year, but most don’t have, but you still can be able together with us feeling the Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year Event

Event time: Jan 23rd 2020 to Jan 28th 2020

First, 69 Dragon wishes all of you a happy new year, even your country doesn’t have Lunar New Year Festival. Wish all of you a new year, new success.

Lunar New Year Event No. 1: Kill the Rat King or give chance back.

You need to come to Lunar New Year NPC - Lew at Luo Yang (208, 318) to receive a Lunar New Year Card.

NPC Lunar New Year Event

After receiving card, you have two option:

-         First option: Give it back to NPC then he will give you small gifts.

-         Second option: Bring the card to Snow Field, right click on it to use. After that the boss Rat King will appear. You can make a party to kill it together. After killing Rat King, whole your team will be able to pick up the awards dropped from it.

Condition of receiving card:

-         Your character with minimum Level 80. Every character can only be able to receive one card per day.

Card usage:

-         Can only be given back to NPC or use at Snow Field in case you choose fighting with Rat King.

Some awards which can be received from giving back Card to NPC:

Perfect Soul Refresh Stone

69 Dragon VIP necklace (Very rare)

Mini - Ring of Ardor (Extremely Rare)

Mini - Ring of Ardor


Some awards which can be dropped from Rat King:

Perfect Refresh Soul Stone

VIP crafts (Very rare)

Skill 86 scroll (Rare)

Matra Blood Stone (Rare)

Soul Attack Properties Book (Rare)

Perfect Refresh Soul Stone


Lunar New Year Event No. 2: Use the Fireworks, get the rewards.

During the event time, when using Old Fireworks, you can be able to receive the following awards:

Artifact Spell Lv. 3

Wind Fire (Rare)

Super Fire Spirit (Rare)

Matra Blood Stone (Rare)

Dragon Tatto (Rare)

Dragon Tatto – Stones

Soul Atk Property Book (Rare)

Dragon Flour

Amulet of Ardor (Extremely Rare)

69 Dragon VIP Crafts (Very rare)

Skill 86 Scroll(Rare)

Fashion Gems Lv 4 (Very Rare)

Mini Amulet of Ardor

Lunar New Year Event No. 3: Collect [Happy] and [Lunar New Year]

Use Old Fireworks, you will have 100% to be able to receive Event item – [Happy]

Killing Rat King, you will have 100% to be able to receive Event item - [Lunar New Year]

Giving back the card to NPC, you have 50% to be able to receive Event item - [Lunar New Year]

Bring a [Happy] together with a [Lunar New Year] to Lunar New Year NPC, select Exchange Happy Lunar New Year awards, you can be able to receive the following rewards:

Power Medicine

Artifact Spell Lv. 3

Pet Egg: Grim Reaper

Fashion: Angel Cloth

Mount: Lotus Dark Phoenix

Mini – Belt of Ardor (Extremely rare)

Mini – Belt of Ardor


69Dragon Oath wish you a success year, and wish you have a good time enjoying our “Lunar New Year Event 2020” together with us!


Best regards,

69 Dragon Oath!


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