Dear our friends,

After a time faced with trouble from using Paypal, 69Dragon Oath was maintained Paypal and then now, we will change option to recharge through Paypal, but by Home/Family type instead of default like previous.

* Our breaktime is 17:00 - 1:00 (Server Time), and you have to wait after that time to be processed if you recharge via Direct Transfer using Paypal during this time. 

* Recharge guide:

- After finish registering Paypal, you can do recharge through these steps:


+ Step 1: Login into Paypal account at their official website www.paypal.com with your username and password which you used to register your Paypal account.

+ Step 2: After logging in, at the navigation bar of Paypal, select “Send Money” to transfer money.

+ Step 3: Input our Paypal’s email - [email protected], then click "Next".

+ Step 4: Input the recharge amount, your game’s username, server name, then click “Continue”.

Ex: For account: tlbb4gamer, Server: EU, we have:


Warning:  Until this step, after done, you would receive a dialog that tells you your transaction was success, everything you have to do now is sending us message through fanpage and tell supporters to check your case (better you provide transaction images, account and recharged email), then the corresponding Token will be added to your account by supporters after finish checking.

If you have any trouble, contact us at fanpage.

Best regards,

69 Dragon Oath!


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