Dear all our friends,

After a long time been requested by players of 69Dragon EU. Finally, we have finished the BABY FEATURE, as you have been waited for a long time.

Event time: after maintenance 08/03/2020

Below is the details of the feature:

* Adopt a Baby
You need to have a Pottery Doll and bring it to NPC Sister Mu (145, 176) at Luo Yang and select “Adopt a Baby”.

* Baby’s level:
+ Maximum level 119
+ Baby’s growth is split into 2 steps
- Newborn stage (Below level 91)
Players can use Dewdrop Lv.1 to feed your Baby until level 91 

+ After level 91, you have to use Dewdrop LV.2 instead to continue feeding your baby.

* Baby skill
+ After level 35, baby will randomly studied 4 properties skills.

Hopefully the new features of 69Dragon EU will help you bring more exciting experiences.

Wish you all have a good time playing the game!

Best regards,
69Dragon Oath


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