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Welcome the International Women Day on Feb, 8th 2020. 69Dragon Oath wish all the best to all our half of the world, also bring to all of you the event “Plant Chit, Harvest Awards” during this Women Day

Event name: Plant Chit, Harvest Awards
Time: After daily maintenance of March 7th, until daily maintenance of March 9th 2020.
Content: Participate in the Planting event in the corresponding maps, and harvest awards.

During the event time, all players can play game-events, kill Bosses to be able to get the Chits.
After obtaining the chits, let’s sow and harvest the tree at the following maps (details below).

Chits and the corresponding game-events:
- Chit Lv. 1: Be dropped at Intruders, Tyrants at final Boss.
- Chit Lv. 2: Be dropped after killing Magaret Li at Misty Peak.
- Chit Lv. 3: Be dropped after killing Master Chen at Border Liao.
Note: All chits are bound after picking up.

Time and location:

- Chit Lv. 1: Can only be planted in cities Luo Yang, Su Zhou, Da Li. After harvesting, you can be able to get awards.

- Chit Lv. 2: Can only be planted at Horse Ranch, Ancient City, Tarim. After harvesting, you can be able to get valuable awards.
Note: During the growth-time, tree can not be blown up. After full-grown, you can be able to harvest, but beware while “other players can steal it from you”.

- Chit Lv. 3: Can only be able to plant at Twin Islands. After harvesting, the Tree Protector will appear. You have to kill it and take the Chest it holds. There are many rare and valuable awards inside the Chest.

Awards list from Chits:
Chit Lv. 1:
- Dragon Tatto (Rare)
- Soul (Rare)
- Gold Coin (Common)
- Equip Super Power Scroll
- Dewdrop Lv. 1 (Baby feature item)

Chit Lv. 2
- Fire Spirit (Bound)
- Dragon Stone (3 kinds of)
- Pneuma Stone - Lv. 1
- Magic Vase materials
- Artifact Spell Lv 3
- Dewdrop Lv. 2 (Baby feature item)
- Purple Spirit Pearl (Baby feature item)

Chit Lv. 3:
- Fire Spirit (Bound)
- Pet
- Fashion
- Mount
- Fashion Gem Lv. 3 (Rare)
- Skill 86 scroll 2,3 (Very rare)
- Artifact Spell Lv 3
- Green Spirit Pearl (Baby feature item)
- Fashion for Baby (Very rare)

Time for tree to become full-growth is 10 mins and time to open the chest is 15s. Please take note that the treasure is only available for 5 mins after appeared.

69 Dragon Oath wish all players to have the best moments of relaxation fun!

Best regards,
69 Dragon Oath


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