Dear all our friends,

Another year had passed, another winter also had passed. Spring with multiple flowers from everywhere. To arouse excitement in the early months of 2020, 69 Dragon wants to bring back to all of you a very favorite event “Twelve animals designation Challenge”.

The event, with corresponding Twelve Zodiac Bosses contains the traditional culture of the East Asia.

How to play: You have to party with only yourself, buy Twelve Card item at Token Shop with 5000 Tokens.

After that, you can come to NPC Lily White [271, 131] at Da Li. Next, ask her about Twelve Animals Designation Arena and she will help you.

At the event, everytime you challenge, one of 12 Bosses will be randomly chosen.

Drop details:


Event time: Event time: After daily maintenance of April, 1st to daily maintenance of April 4th.


69 Dragon wish all of you have a best time enjoying the Twelve Animals Designation Arena with us.

Best regards,

69 Dragon


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