Dear all our friends,

After a long time working, according to the requests of all players, we have made a new Material Inventory for all you.
They said that Mr. Huang from Phoenix Town (185, 259) who is owning too many inventories that can help players store their items, gold and ivory.

Open time: After maintenance of April, 18th 2020

The Material Inventory allows you to put in all non-equips (not equips, fashions) stuffs. Can store max 1,000,000 gold and ivory.

There are total 5 bags inside the inventory (numbering from 1 to 5), and to be able to use it to store materials, you have to rent it by using a [Material Inventory Expandation Card] for each 30 days corresponding to each bag.

For each bag, after renting, you can be able to put in items (can be stacked) by right-click on the item that you want to put in.
Similarly, when you want to take out the item from bag, right-click on that item and make sure your bag has enough 1 free space.

In case, when the time out, you can not be able to use the bag, but your items still be kept, and after you rent it again, you can be able to access them.

You can add gold, ivory (draw) to your Material Inventory, and also can take out gold, ivory (withdraw) from your Material Inventory to your bag. Each time you can draw/withdraw 10,000 gold and ivory.

The [Material Inventory Expandation Card] – Bound can be found at Token Shop – Donate Shop – Common – New Items with 20,000 Gift Tokens. The unbound one can be found at Bosses (will be included later).



Hope this feature will help you!

Best regards,

GM Huang


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